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    Open chat group is https://t.me/kiwifarmschat, which I'll keep open as long as it doesn't cause problems.
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    Site went down last night due to a DDoS attack. A friend mitigated it while I was asleep. There have been persistent efforts to DoS the site down since Friday, but that was the first successful one.
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    For the record, we operate our own network infrastructure. Cloudflare is our application level attack mitigator. They provide no protection to our network, which is where almost all attacks happen. They are a small part of our entire setup.
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    The attack that's been ongoing since last Friday has only just started having affect because the backup network we usually lean on is having difficulties. This is not abnormal because that piece of shit has broken in this exact same circumstance at least three times before. I'm trying something sneaky (a backup backup network, trust me bro).
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    Site's back up.
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    I'm working on the configuration and there may be intermittent downtime; sorry.
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    Right now, our main network and backup network are down. The main network is also being DDoS attacked, so if it were to come up, it wouldn't matter. This is a fault with a service provider. I can't force them to fix it any faster.
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    At this point in time, I am having difficulty getting representatives from 3 companies to respond to emails. I don't know why. It may be general bad service apropos of nothing (as has been the case with at least two of them), or it could be a consequence of the ongoing drama.

    Regardless, I've done everything I can today. Tomorrow, I will start looking at what my other options are. There are options, and I don't need anyone's permission to get the site back online. I would just prefer the status quo to be repaired (and it would be faster and easier if it were).

    For the record, and for those reading outside our community, it is worth mentioning that I am very unexceptional. I have no formal education in computers and I have no significant financial support. Everything that I do is self-taught, as needed, and with a shoestring budget.

    That it takes the combined efforts of thousands of people, multiple concurrent lawsuits, non-profit orgs like the ADL, and entire governments to even throw us off our footing should be encouraging to anyone young who is pessimistic about how the situation looks for online freedom of expression. A single, sufficiently-stubborn person can do a lot - and that person can be you.

    When things are difficult, I evaluate all options. I consider what could be censored from the forum - if perhaps a single thing could be removed to seriously reduce our complications. Unfortunately, it's not so simple. If I were to ban what they consider 'doxing', the next thing would be 'deadnaming'. They have to falsely equate information with harassment, speech with violence, and discussion with stalking. As long as they don't like what is being said, they will always find a way to make it out as something evil and dangerous.

    There is my source of motivation. There is no halfway point to meet these people. The ADL would never accept a tamer version of our opinions to be tolerable. The lolcows assembled against the community would never be okay with people making fun of their Internet presence as long as their specific information was retracted. It's about power and control, and more specifically, power and control over me and you. There cannot be one shadow on the Internet they do not have power and control over. No, thank you.

    I'm sorry I can't offer more at the moment but it really do be like that sometimes. See you tomorrow.
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    There is a malicious actor phoning in bogus threats to police to trigger armed responses on innocent people's homes.

    "SWAT'ing" has around for a decade. In the last two years, it has become very common. I cannot think of a single online entity (myself included) who has not been visited by police under totally bogus pretenses which were deliberately instigated by a bad actor.

    In a sane world, this would be ignored. From experience, not publicizing these things has stopped them from happening. However, those responsible have picked targets with political and financial interests in this attention. They will take this event and blast it out as loudly as possible to embolden and grow their support base. The truth of who is behind it no longer matters, and the perpetrator becomes whoever/whatever is most convenient.

    Even this community makes these irrational assumptions. Every time another person says they've been targeted, people jump to accuse them of doing it to themselves. This is also very unlikely.

    These actions are felonies and can carry attempted murder charges. They are not being done haphazardly and the targets are not being picked arbitrarily. In the reports I've seen, the perpetrator is using a modern text-to-speech voice synthesizer to respond to 911 operators in real time, to where it becomes indistinguishable from human conversation. This façade convinces the operator the call is genuine without compromising the perpetrator's identity.

    This is a recurrent threat and not random happenstance. I can handle men in drag screaming about us. I am not sure I can handle this. There is a person - or group of people - committing serious felonies almost every day using sophisticated masks in an effort to draw fire on us. I can't stop it, the Government can't stop it, and the victims don't care about the truth. The Twitter mob will take any problem and opportunistically use it against us. Congresswoman Greene did not take one second to think about threats attributed to the forum before accepting them as true and demanding we be shut down by force of law on television.

    At this moment, nobody is talking to us. None of our service providers are answering emails. Congresswoman Greene, her staffers, and the police have not reached out. This extortion racket is being pulled off successfully. I worry that those parties now believe we should be sacrificed just to get this threat to stop. It is probably easier for the powers-that-be to kill the site than it is for the police to find and stop whoever is doing this.

    Our recent downtime has not been due to a DDoS attack. Upstream service is faltering randomly and I can't get anyone to explain why. The DDoS attack from the troon squad has been mitigated since it started on Friday. The outages seem completely unrelated.

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    >site just barely is staying online
    >8000 people immediately decide to check it out at once because of the drama
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    The prognosis of the site is much better today than it was yesterday.

    Our services are coming online again on their own, and I have managed to schedule some calls with providers. Third parties have also reached out to offer help and I now have Plan Bs and Cs for every part of our current stack. I'm working on getting the site split across entirely different datacenters.

    In an effort to shut down what they call a 'harassment and stalking site', our opposition has put together a list of third parties vaguely affiliated with me. They have vowed to endlessly harass them, and their customers, until they are forced to discontinue service for us. These people range from direct service providers for the website, to registered agents who scan my mail, to my mother (because they are just incels in drag who hate women more than anything).

    They have tried to justify this behavior by claiming we "do not respond to anything except fear." What I fear more than losing my site, being sued, or dealing with police is living in a world where fat eunuchs can groom little boys into castrating themselves and nobody is allowed to say anything about it.

    The tide of public opinion is turning more against people like this every day. The ruse is crumbling, in no small part due to the most visible trans advocates. Thanks to people like Keffals loudly pushing surgery for children and drugs without parental consent, everyone can plainly see them for what they are: deranged perverts.
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    The domain now has a message instead of just an error page. If you've followed the messages here, there's no new information to report.


    Downtime Update as of August 26th, 2022
    The forum is down because upstream ISPs have blackholed routes to our network. When a computer tries to connect to our servers, the global network has no way to reach them. This is a deliberate action from our host.

    They are not answering my emails and I do not know why this has been done. However, prior to going down, we were being targeted by a DDoS attack and other forms of attempted network intrusion. It is likely that these efforts disrupted the entire ISP and forced them to blackhole our network to protect other customers from disruption.

    In an ideal situation, they will restore access eventually on their own. I am working on securing the network from DDoS attacks in the mean time. Other service providers are working on a solution which may restore access in the next few days.

    Regardless of what happens, I will decentralize our setup across multiple datacenters. In the near future, there will be no single point of failure. Since I acquired my own network, I have been stubborn and complacent in thinking that such a solution would be permanent. I've been aware of this single point of failure, but decided to ignore it, mostly because decentralization would be expensive.

    I have received extremely generous offers of support in the last few days. Long-term plans are being developed to keep the site up. However, it's unlikely anything can happen before Monday.

    I will keep in touch on Telegram. If that goes down, I will be on Poast.
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    Live with Rekieta Law on YouTube in 30 minutes.
    The Null Position

    Joshua Moon is the alleged owner of the notorious website Kiwi Farms. Kiwi Farms has been at the center of an ongoing controversy at the hands of angry people of questionable mental health orchestrating a campaign to take them down. A true David and Goliath story, if David were autistic and Goliath were trans.

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    August 28th, 2022
    A resourceful network engineer managed to tunnel our server so we could get a completely up-to-date copy of the database and attachments. Even in a worst case scenario, there will be no data loss.

    If you want to send him some sats for a new laptop, his wallet is 17dnK5LdCb9zsBB9yjFtKTs2myVr6J8aZQ.

    If I don't hear good news from upstream by tomorrow, I will prepare to leave them behind. The mob on Twitter is promising a final solution to the Kiwi Farms on Monday at the same time. If that is not an empty threat, this might be coming to a head tomorrow night.

    Tomorrow night ...
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    Phase 3 is apparently shitposting in more volume than ever before (except when Chris got arrested).