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  • @kiwifarms #174 10:54 PM, 08 Jul 2023
    Apologies for this alert. I am setting up a self-hosted Telegram-to-RSS bot and I believe it requires a new update to start producing RSS. The weird .su site blocked us because his piece of shit server couldn't handle all the people requesting updates.

    https://tg.josh.rs/ (Static web archive)
    https://tg.josh.rs/index.xml (RSS FEED URL)
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  • 11 July 2023 (2 messages)
  • @kiwifarms #175 06:35 PM, 11 Jul 2023
    Terrahost has closed our service for the mirror due to pressure from their ISPs. I may set up another. I am expecting a large development this week.
  • @kiwifarms #176 09:14 PM, 11 Jul 2023
    Mirror is back up. A company is wanting me to stress test their ISPs. If you are a gross mutilated freak, please file your complaints to upstreams now. Thanks.

    Do NOT accept invalid certificates under any circumstances. If you see an invalidate certificate warning for the mirror, you should never allow it.

    "What is the mirror?" Good question. Lurk more.
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  • @kiwifarms #177 01:39 PM, 13 Jul 2023
    In case you're wondering, their upstream, TubeHosting, folded.
  • @kiwifarms #178 07:05 PM, 13 Jul 2023
    I am conducting maintenance which will only affect the clearnet version of the site. This is in preparation for some good news.
  • 14 July 2023 (1 messages)
  • @kiwifarms #179 07:08 PM, 14 Jul 2023
    German* transit provider Combahton nulled the last IP for the mirror, which is why we had downtime early morning US hours. I just now received confirmation of this. They didn't contact us. Combahton is considered a safe haven for malicious network activity so my friends are surprised they'd cuck so fast.
  • 27 July 2023 (4 messages)
  • @kiwifarms #180 05:12 PM, 27 Jul 2023
    Domain name resolution for the mirror is interrupted because of an issue with the registrar. Investigating.

    Tor will continue to work. If you know what you are doing, you may edit your hosts file. Do not forget to undo it later, as our A records change a lot.
  • @kiwifarms #181 06:06 PM, 27 Jul 2023
    Confirmed: Donuts (identity.digital), a very large company that owns many of the novel gTLDs that have come out in the last few years, has seized sneed.today, our top-secret mirror URL.

    >This domain was recently reported for PII exposure. Our review has concluded the presence of repeated and clear instances of the disclosure of personal data relating to individuals, which have been posted in a manner which either directly or contextually, pose a credible threat of harm to those identified individuals. Any such use of a domain in connection with such observed conduct, is in violation of the registry's acceptable use policy.
  • @kiwifarms #182 06:38 PM, 27 Jul 2023
    I have activated a new mirror. You can find it on Tor.

    I'm waiting for verification of another deplatforming event. If I get confirmation of it, it's Total Retard War.
  • @kiwifarms #183 07:42 PM, 27 Jul 2023
    Every time we lose something, by the way, they start thinking about how they can apply that win against other websites.

    It's about the total obliteration of freedom of information, especially information concerning a specific group of individuals with an enormous predisposition towards sex offenses.
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  • @kiwifarms #184 01:44 AM, 28 Jul 2023
    Trannies are upset about the site staying up and have resorted to DDoS attacks again.
  • 29 July 2023 (3 messages)
  • @kiwifarms #185 05:33 PM, 29 Jul 2023
    Hurricane Electric has censored the Internet. Read:
  • @kiwifarms #186 06:34 PM, 29 Jul 2023
    This is the post I linked. The site is currently unavailable over clearnet due to a DDoS attack which was launched within a minute of the last announcement.. The attack is severe enough that it's overwhelming KiwiFlare due to a limitation in haproxy's extensibility.

    The site is still available over Tor. I am going to try and rush the replacement anti-DDoS system out asap.
  • @kiwifarms #187 07:36 PM, 29 Jul 2023
    Incognet, our ISP in Washington, has made a post about the ban and their complaint to the state. If you'd like to promote it, it can be found here:
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  • @kiwifarms #188 10:03 PM, 30 Jul 2023
    Shoutout to Patrick W. Gilmore (he/him): UCLA Member, former Chief Network Architect of Akamai (extremely large CDN), former Board Member of ARIN (the North American RIR which handles IP assignments), current board member of the Seattle Internet Exchange (massive IX handling cross connects in one of America's largest datacenter clusters), co-founder and board member of PeeringDB (tool that LFJ uses to identify our providers), and ...

    Full-time Managing Network Engineer of fucking Meta.

    By saying "tranny", we have amassed a collection of some of the most powerful people in the history of the Internet, clamoring for the web to be turned into a walled garden of his personal friends and corporate associates.
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  • @kiwifarms #189 05:49 PM, 31 Jul 2023
    🏦 I am looking for a bank willing to take on Lolcow LLC as a client, specifically a bank that is a part of the new FedNow instant payment system (the US's answer to the EU's IBAN system). Preferably a credit union, but I'm not picky. Thanks!

    🛡KiwiFlare v2 is up. Over the weekend, the site has been very unstable, in part due to on-and-off DDoS attacks. I'm hoping the new measures will help stop that.