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    Fun fact: Trannies have set up automated programs to alert them when the site is back up so they can immediately start crying about it together and spin up DDoS attacks. I don't know why these people are addicted to talking on Twitter like movie villains but whatever.

    I was correct in saying that now their go-to is to contact upstreams. They spent months crying to Moldovans, Malaysians, and Ukrainians until they realized with Zayo that the ISPs were more vulnerable than the individual hosts. With Voxility, that was proof-of-concept for what is essentially an exploit. So now, they just go straight to the fiber carriers to try and impose their will.

    The setup we have now will allow us to bypass network outages due to blackholing. This is a trial by fire of no individual host, but rather the backbone of the Internet. This is why I said it was a measure of last resort. Should this not work, we have truly found the end of the sidewalk.
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    Half the Internet is not routing to the Kiwi Farms. I am investigating. Tor is still up. If you have a VPN, switch to the Netherlands. The Dutchmen are sneeding.

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    I find it interesting that most of Europe has access but almost all of the US is offline. This is because the US uses a few large providers, but in the EU, there are regional ISPs in each country that make contacts with one another still. It'd be like Florida ISPs talking to Alabama ISPs to get a message to South Carolina instead of relying on USISP for it without alternatives.

    Maybe the US should do some sort of legal maneuver to split these companies up so we can enjoy similar competition.
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    Stream with Nick Rekieta on Rumble to discuss the deplatformiest deplatforming.

    4pm CSDT / 10pm CEST

    Null on the Internet, Censorship, Network Tyranny, and Control over the Signal

    Null joins me to discuss digital devastation in the current climate. How far do we have to go to become uncancelable? This show sponsored by Birch Gold: https://birchgold.com/nose

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    I want to clarify why certain locations cannot access the Kiwi Farms.

    - VPNs tend to work because VPNs run on servers in datacenters where connectivity to multiple ISPs is more common.

    - Outages are not strictly political or geographical. The US is disproportionately impacted, but that does mean the US or its ISPs are deliberately blocking the site. It means that US ISPs are more likely to select a specific company for transit, which is currently blocking my network. People all over the world are impacted, even in the EU.

    - Aforementioned 'specific company' is not being put on blast because we are hoping they will address this obviously retarded decision to opt-in as content moderators for the Internet as a backbone ISP that has no direct business relationship with my hosting company.

    - The outage is doubly unusual because it appears the 'specific company' is not just refusing to serve as transit, but rather deliberately disrupting traffic - which harms the web of trust the Internet is built on.

    I'm not asking to do anything yet, but stand by. If these gross sex pests think they're going to impose themselves as censor for the entire world without any struggle, they are fucking stupid.

    Edit: Tor over clearnet works. Tor HS is being DoS attacked. Tor will automatically find an exit that can actually connect to an IP, so using https://kiwifarms.net/ as a direct Tor address will work.
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    I'm proud to introduce a new creation which will change the world. For as long as we can remember (the last five days), there have been two global network-of-networks: the internet that can access the Kiwi Farms, and the stinky American internet that cannot.

    Today, that wall comes down, and our two internets join into a new single Internet (now a proper noun, with a capital I). A user of this Internet may access any site anywhere on the Internet, even from places like America. This includes the Kiwi Farms.

    Enjoy responsibly.

    (11-5: Changes may take time to propagate. Just wait a bit.)
    (11-6: A couple ISPs are not connected to the Internet yet. We're working on it.)
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    My new phone number is +1 (423) 973-9793 — feel free to leave a message.

    If you are transgender, please file a complaint so I can see if this provider handles complaints sanely.
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    They've suffered some setbacks in trying to get ISPs to stop providing for us, so they've funding DDoS attacks again. Looking into it.
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    Scratch that, the DDoS attack was mitigated last night without me doing anything. I forgot to pay an invoice for one of my cloud servers. lmao rip
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    Cloudflare's Q3 filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a mandatory part of being a publicly traded company, explicitly highlights their decision to terminate service for the Kiwi Farms impacted the business negatively.

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    The site is a bit flaky during prime time hours because there's simply too much traffic for the edge servers to proxy effectively. I'll fix it tomorrow.

    Welcome back btw
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  • @kiwifarms #90 09:18 PM, 14 Nov 2022
    Apparently nobody bothered to email me that the KF was completely inaccessible from huge parts of the US still... That should be up momentarily.

    You should be able to access the Kiwi Farms from anywhere in the world. If you cannot, email me.
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  • @kiwifarms #91 08:06 AM, 15 Nov 2022
    I am getting consistent reports of low availability in Japan and South Korea. Today, I will checking with our current networking providers to see if that can be resolved.

    However, I am looking for a point-of-presence (PoP) in Asia-Pacific. This is usually Singapore or Hong Kong, however the APNIC region includes India, Japan, South Korea, and Australia+NZ. I am having an incredibly hard time finding a facility which can tolerate the Kiwi Farms on its network in this area. There is one good datacenter in Malaysia, but they have very low bandwidth and no DDoS protection.

    If you're in the industry and have suggestions, please reach out.
    If you're in the Asia-Pacific region, know that I'm working on getting you online asap.


    P.S. Ctrl+F5 if you get the grey error page. That sometimes helps.
    P.P.S. Remember that inaccessibility is not related to your country, it is related to your ISP, and what routes it coincidentally prefers or has access to. This is geographical, but not sovereignty-related. This is also not deliberate by your ISP, it's just incidental to other companies they peer with.
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    Good news today,

    Talked to some guys from our providers and everything's looking good. I offered to give shout outs. It's usually a double-edged sword associating with the forum, but they're already stuck in so it's worth highlighting the good guys keeping the Internet together.

    <https://epik.com> - Registrar for kiwifarms.net, ensuring that we don't lose our domains. They're launching a Cloudflare competitor called BitMitigate soon.
    <https://terrahost.com/> - Epik subsidiary that does a lot of hosting for us. The guys at the company have been legendary in navigating totally uncharted seas.

    They're dealing with a lot of crazy shit (Liz Fong-Jones is an insane creepy weirdo, just fyi) so if you're in the industry try to send some business over so I'm not total deadweight.

    P.S. I am working on 100% availability. I am again asking for people who cannot access the Kiwi Farms to first CTRL+F5, and then email <admin@kiwifarms.net> your traceroute to Google how to do a traceroute if you don't know, it is very simple.
    Epik - Domain Names & Web Hosting Made Easy!

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  • @kiwifarms #93 03:28 AM, 16 Nov 2022
    DNS issue with the kiwifarms.net domain has been resolved. Sorry about that.
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  • @kiwifarms #94 05:08 PM, 24 Nov 2022
    There's an ongoing DDoS attack which is why the site's throwing 502/503 errors. There's more I can do later, but I'm not going to deal with troons on Thanksgiving day. I tweaked some settings and that is helping.

    I want to thank everyone for sticking around through the last few months. It would have been very depressing to fight getting the site back up only to see a drastic decline in activity. Thankfully, we are quickly bouncing back to where we were before.

    I also want to thank all the people behind the scenes. The many industry veterans have silently provided insight, my attorney offering to collect mail during time where no other professional services are willing to touch us, Epik for locking down our domain and reaching out personally by phone after Cloudflare dropped, the guys at Terrahost for the incredible work they've done (and who are Norwegian and don't celebrate American Thanksgiving but whatever), and all the other people and organizations that have tried to help.

    The forum is ultimately a community of thousands of people who are both its raison d'etre and primary means of support - so thank you for sticking through. 🦃