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  • @kiwifarms #262 09:33 PM, 04 Dec 2023
    The en banc hearing was denied. It is very unusual for the court to ask for a response and then not grant en banc, however I believe the winning argument here was:

    Even though this judgement was materially deficient, it will narrowly affect one bad website, so fuck it.
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  • @kiwifarms #264 04:41 AM, 12 Dec 2023
    In January 2017, I briefly closed the Kiwi Farms after dealing with an unbelievable amount of harassment directed at my family, originating either directly from or at the behest of a British man named Samuel Collingwood Smith. Sam's pen name is Vordrak and he is a former MP in the United Kingdom.

    In 2010, Sam was heavily involved in an Evanescence fan forum (despite being 32 years old already). He wanted to be an admin, and had to fight teen girls for this honor. He would harass these little girls, and eventually accused the forum of trading child pornography when he was banned. This caused the band a lot of public embarrassment and got them to close the forum, which is what he wanted.

    A long list of his best hits can be found in this archive: https://archive.is/zVJjk

    At some point Sam gave up trying to shut down the Kiwi Farms and hide this information about him, but he is one of the reasons why I was so well prepared to deal with #DropKiwiFarms and the unprecedented deplatforming efforts we endured. He had gradually turned up the heat, went after every service provider we had and their families, and through the process I learned how to deal with criminal behavior.

    It is to my shock to see he is still active, still extorting people, still threatening people, and nothing is being done about it:

    The UK police send cops to people's homes over the dumbest shit. They arrest moms for posting "men are not women" on the Internet. Yet this guy, this absolute fucking blight, has been conducting online terrorism campaigns for more than a decade and nothing has been done about him.

    I am completely immunized from this retard's bullshit, but his life ruination tactics are still being employed and I am shocked that it is still being allowed.

    If you are in the UK and are in government or police, or know someone who is, for the love of fucking god grow some balls and do something right for once. It's like the UK is afraid to touch someone who is not an innocent person.
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    The domain http://kiwifarms.net is experiencing a root DNS issue. I am looking into it. http://kiwifarms.st remains up.
  • @kiwifarms #266 09:23 PM, 12 Dec 2023
    Epik has seized kiwifarms.net citing unknown ToS violations. I was not given warning or opportunity to move the domain.
  • @kiwifarms #267 09:59 PM, 12 Dec 2023
    The Kiwi Farms was able to stay on Epik because we received personal protection from its CEO, Brian Royce, a Libertarian in Las Vegas. There was a messy corporate issue and it appears the first thing they did after getting rid of Royce was take my domain.

    If you are a customer of Epik, I request that you petition they allow me to transfer my domain out.
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  • @kiwifarms #268 01:44 AM, 13 Dec 2023
    Epik has also aborted the Soyjak Party. Abandon ship.
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  • @kiwifarms #269 12:53 AM, 15 Dec 2023
    If you do business with Cogent, immediately terminate your relationship with them.

    Cogent is threatening ISPs with termination unless they remove the Kiwi Farms from their networks. This is over material which (1) is legal, (2) was removed anyways, (3) is found on YouTube.

    CEO Dave Schaeffer seems personally invested in the destruction of my forum. If you value a world where Tier 1 ISPs do not moderate the Internet, you must resolve to remove Cogent from your business and network blend.

  • @kiwifarms #270 01:55 AM, 15 Dec 2023
    A reminder that I do keep this list up to date.

    The TL;DR for American ISPs: NTT and GTT don't suck.

  • @kiwifarms #271 10:56 PM, 15 Dec 2023
    Cogent nullrouted one of our IPs again. Sec.

    Edit: All 3 IPs. Sec.
  • @kiwifarms #272 11:25 PM, 15 Dec 2023
    The root server for .st is being DDoS attacked which is causing a global outage for its domains.
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  • @kiwifarms #273 12:11 AM, 16 Dec 2023
    There's currently DDoS attacks against basically everything. They've saved up a bit of money for this one. Every front-end IP is being slammed hard. Entire root servers are being shut down. It's pretty messy.

    This sort of thing is expensive to carry out, so just boot up Tor.

    I'm dealing with it, just need some time.
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    The Kiwi Farms is currently targeted by the largest DDoS attack that I have seen. Immediately after Cogent blocked our IPs, all 3 of our DDoS resistant providers began receiving overwhelming attacks. This includes the root .ST authority, which is disrupts all .ST domains.

    It is clear that after failing to effectively deplatform us after a year of continuous efforts, they are hoping to concert all of their tactics during the Christmas season to disrupt businesses and induce stress at a time when most people are with families.

    These people, having chosen a sexual fetish lifestyle over their families, enjoy nothing but time and disposable income for these time consuming and costly endeavors.

    My chosen mechanism for dodging these attacks is to buy another $35 VPS and change our DNS to something free.

    lmao. sneed.
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    Looks like we're up. Get your sneeding in now.
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  • @kiwifarms #276 02:58 PM, 17 Dec 2023
    There is a triple threat causing problems. The Onion will continue to be the best way to access the Kiwi Farms.

    * Paid complainers. There is a Discord of people who are paid to complain to our service providers, their upstreams, and their upstreams. This reduces our pool of providers to only those who are KF-tolerant.

    * DDoS. There is a serious ongoing DDoS attack. I don't have any idea who is actually doing it, but some guys are trying to extort me. This reduces our providers to only those who are extremely DDoS resilient.

    * Cogent. Cogent is actively monitoring our records, blackholing IPs, and applying pressure to any ISP downstream of them. We briefly enjoyed uptime with DDoS protection and KF tolerance, but Cogent is actively monitoring where we're at and threatening providers.

    This reduces our providers to KF tolerant, DDoS hardened, without Cogent in their blend. That pool is zero, as far as I know.

    In regards to the DDoS extortion, keep in mind what they really want is attention. If you happen to see anyone taking credit, please avoid engaging them or advertising their service. It's probably not even who's really responsible.
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    Just received affirmative confirmation that Liz Fong-Jones is still desperately trying to claw back information that he was credibly accused of rape.
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  • @kiwifarms #278 12:38 AM, 18 Dec 2023
    A man in a dress with power, money, and a high position as an unelected technocrat wants the Internet bent and broken to accomplish one thing:

    Remove any and all evidence that he was credibly accused of rape, and then tried to brush it away as a misunderstanding about dog hair.

    Obviously, this person is evil, and our cause is righteous.
  • @kiwifarms #279 03:54 AM, 18 Dec 2023
    It appears that Zayo has decided to stop providing DDoS filtering for us on one of the providers we had up. It is very grim how these security companies don't seem to be in the business of security. DDoS mitigation is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, forcing more companies to seek refuge under larger and larger choke points on the Internet. There is huge initial expense and overhead involved in DDoS mitigation. That's why half the Internet uses Cloudflare.

    I've written another post about Liz and how Honeycomb uses its institutional power and wealth to further this campaign against a free and open Internet.
    Josh (@XJosh) on X

    It is daunting having Liz Fong-Jones @lizthegrey, who has been accused of rape, come after you and everyone you know and everyone you do business with. Especially considering Liz is the Field CTO at Honeycomb @honeycombio, and will use work email and credentials to harass.…

  • @kiwifarms #280 05:44 PM, 18 Dec 2023
    I have written an explanation of what DDoS attacks are, and how the existence of DDoS has created a smaller, more centralized, top-down controlled Internet.

    A Handful of Companies Rule the Internet with DDoS Mitigation

    How the world's largest companies and cyber extortionists work hand-in-hand to create security demand and keep the Internet a gated community.

  • @kiwifarms #281 09:50 PM, 18 Dec 2023
    Hurricane Electric has disabled DNS for the Kiwi Farms and also our web-based Telegram archive.
  • @kiwifarms #282 10:53 PM, 18 Dec 2023
    There's a new DNS setup but you will have to refresh your cache. Just Google bing "how to refresh dns cache on [your phone / operating system]"
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  • @kiwifarms #283 01:05 PM, 19 Dec 2023
    I've switched redirects over to .tw because I believe the .st root registrar (which is not managed by the actual country, mind you) has silently suspended resolutions for the domain.

    They sent me this really weak email asking the usual questions from the LFJ template email, which also includes a bizarre allegation we host his SSN. As far as I'm aware, he's not even American and doesn't have a SSN, and I'm pretty sure he's flat out lying. I wouldn't know - he's never actually emailed me about this, he just complains to T1 ISPs and they do whatever he wants for some reason.
  • @kiwifarms #284 11:42 PM, 19 Dec 2023
    Cogent is blackholing 10 IPs across 3 different service providers to prohibit access to the Kiwi Farms.

    I ask you: Do you want retard war? Do you want, if necessary, a war more retarded and gay than any war we can today conceive?
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  • @kiwifarms #285 12:01 AM, 20 Dec 2023
    Cogent has proven they are willing to enforce their AUP on any content anywhere on the Internet, including content that is not directly on their network. If you believe that there is content hosted online at any place that violates Cogent's AUP, they are willing and able to help you remove that content.

    If you believe there is content violating the AUP of Cogent, you may report it at this address:

    If you do decide to help Cogent enforce their AUP, please consider what elements are important to helping them identifying infringing content. Provide the following elements:
    - A link to the infringing content.
    - A description of the content and how it violates their AUP.
    - If you are able, provide them technical information, such as an IP address.

    Thank you for helping Cogent help you help us all.
    Acceptable Use Policy

    Cogent is one of the world's largest Internet Service Providers, delivering high-quality Internet, Ethernet and Colocation services.

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  • @kiwifarms #286 02:49 AM, 21 Dec 2023
    If anyone's blackpilled, don't be. I have been made aware of many promising options. During the last week I've learned a lot and I have an extremely solid idea on how to move forward and get grounded. It's literally just a matter of time.

    I have zero issue staying up to odd hours registering domains, swapping NS records, setting up VPSs, emailing providers back, etc. That's just my job at this point. It was in the fine print.

    What I need is for people to not give up before I do. I know everything's super annoying and may seem like there is no plan. There is. So, keep calm, and carry on.
  • @kiwifarms #287 09:13 PM, 21 Dec 2023
    The Telegram archive is back up (hello, archive readers).

    A minority of users are having issues connecting. Cogent is causing problems all of our IPs again, but the upstream blends are diverse enough it does not affect most people.

    If you are having trouble connecting, you have three options:
    1. Tor
    2. Tor-over-Clearnet (Tor will always find a way to connect to a clearnet URL if it is possible anywhere in the world).
    3. Get a VPN and try a few different places. Mullvad is great!
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  • @kiwifarms #289 11:29 PM, 27 Dec 2023
    There is a very strange issue impacting the kiwifarms.hk domain where the nameserver records are not consistently resolving for the domain. It appears to be in good standing and our nameservers are actually up, so I'm having to look into it.
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  • @kiwifarms #290 08:35 PM, 29 Dec 2023
    .hk is back up and will become our primary domain in a day or so. The misunderstanding regarding western activists was cleared up.
  • @kiwifarms #291 08:55 PM, 29 Dec 2023
    DDoS attack, sec.
  • @kiwifarms #292 09:06 PM, 29 Dec 2023
    This is a really crazy application layer attack, I've actually not seen so many attack IPs before.
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  • @kiwifarms #293 05:17 PM, 30 Dec 2023
    DDoS attack has restarted. Tor will be unaffected by these attacks.
  • @kiwifarms #294 10:23 PM, 30 Dec 2023
    The Lolcow of the Year community poll is basically a three-way tie, if you haven't vooted yet.

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  • @kiwifarms #295 04:01 PM, 31 Dec 2023
    I am working on improving KiwiFlare's automatic robustness to application-level attacks.

    If you encounter 500 or 503 errors, please report them to me by email or however is most convenient.