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    Recently, a massive database of Discord messages which could be searched for a trivial fee became an international news story. Discord, a subsidiary of Chinese multinational corporation Tencent, sells data as its main business model, but opening this data to the public has enraged tech writers and privacy advocates.

    The author of this database has a Kiwi Farms account, and has posted information from his database to the Kiwi Farms. This has led tech writer Joseph Cox (UK) to write a news article claiming that the Kiwi Farms and Spy Pet, the database, are affiliated, and that the database exists to target a "queer community" on Discord.

    Spy Pet's posts on the Kiwi Farms are entirely in a thread about a group called the _Boy Kissers_, which is a confederation of grooming circles on reddit and Discord. These chatrooms and subreddits exist to expose socially isolated and vulnerable young boys to pornography and the concept of "pinkpilling", which is groomer terminology for promoting a boy to present feminine and embrace a submissive sexual posture to older men.

    The Boy Kisser chatrooms include the 'official' Discord chatroom which is only +13. The Silly chatroom with no age requirement. The Astolfo Cult, which has also been named "Cunny Land" by its admins, a pedophile euphemism for a child's vagina. Femboy Freaks, which is also explicitly +13.

    It is clear that Spy Pet intended to use his database to help stop child sexual exploitation. Joseph Cox objects to this.

    Joseph's article: https://archive.is/ZH5uf
    Boykisser thread on Kiwi Farms: https://kiwifarms.st/threads/boykisser-r-littleboykisser-boykisser-community-discord-femboy-grooming-circles.182778/
    Spy Site Selling Discord Messages Linked to Kiwi Farms

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  • @kiwifarms #337 11:39 PM, 25 Apr 2024
    The FCC has announced that Net Neutrality has been restored. I will be investigating how this applies to us, if at all.

    I listened in to Cogent's investor meeting and CEO Dave Schaeffer, who has been personally involved in having Kiwi Farms deplatformed, was for Net Neutrality (but only so that Asia-Pacific ISPs would have to give him cheaper transit). I am curious if this actually means ISPs will have to do their fucking job now.

    While the concept that infrastructure providers should not be turning Internet and DDoS protection on and off for specific US-legal websites like ours is a good one, the reality is that these administrative laws are nightmares to parse and understand and often have caveats to make sure wrongthink and wrongspeak are still blocked.